Clients Rights and Responsibilities

Policy Owner

Operations Manager 


Management Committee, Manager and all employees, visitors and clients / service users

Statement of Policy

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Complaints Management Policy, Service Standards and Principles in Practice Policy and the Privacy and Confidentiality Policy.

All of our clients have fundamental rights. While some of these rights are derived from basic human rights or from our national and state laws, information about client rights is also embedded in the industry standards for family services.  The Family Place Inc. (TFP) acknowledges that an essential part of good practice and maintenance of a client focus is the recognition, communication and protection of these rights. Clients also have responsibilities outlined in this policy.


TFP has developed a statement of client rights and responsibilities contained in this policy and also in the Client Rights and Responsibilities brochure. These statements also identify how clients can make a complaint or provide feedback.

This information is readily accessible and explained to clients on intake to ensure they feel confident in the service they are receiving and confidence to provide feedback or make a complaint should the need arise.

Being aware of your rights as a client and having the confidence to exercise them appropriately is a personally empowering process.

Client Rights

Our management and staff are committed to:

  • Promoting client rights and meeting our clients’ rights obligations;
  • Ensuring that the confidentiality and safety of clients, staff and users of the Service are not compromised, particularly where may be a potential conflict of interest/loyalty situation;
  • Ensuring that our duty of care responsibilities are met; and
  • Upholding the professional reputation of TFP

Client responsibilities

TFP is of the view that with client rights come client responsibilities.  We are committed to ensuring that at the first appropriate point of contact, clients are informed of our expectations during service provision.

Client Rights & Responsibilities Statement

When clients use our service they have the right to:

  • Have your families circumstances, cultural and individual needs valued and be treated with respect and dignity;
  • Receive a service that is high quality and professional;
  • Have your privacy protected unless there are safety concerns;
  • Be involved in the decision making process;
  • Change to another service with our help if you need;
  • Give feedback about our service and have this listened to; and
  • Access an interpreter service and have information translated into your own language.

When clients use our service we expect clients to:

  • Give us accurate and complete information about your circumstances;
  • Treat our staff and property with respect;
  • Ask questions if you need help understanding any information;
  • Provide us with 24hrs notice if you need to change an appointment;
  • Be actively involved in the decision making process;
  • Be accountable for the decisions you make; and  
  • Work towards the goals you have set.

To make a complaint or Provide Feedback

We recognise the right of clients to make an informal or formal complaint if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of service management or delivery. We view complaints from clients as valuable feedback that will be used to monitor and improve service delivery. We have developed and will follow a user friendly complaints procedure whenever a client makes a complaint.


The Family Place CEO is responsible for the development of an accessible ‘Clients Rights and Responsibilities’ brochure and Informed Consent Template that embodies the principles outlined above. 

Employees will:

  • Ensure the brochure and consent form are presented to all new clients at the first appropriate point of contact
  • Explain this information in jargon free language ensuring the client understands what they are consenting too and what rights and responsibilities they have and what rights and responsibilities that TFP has
  • Answer any questions clients may have about their rights and responsibilities
  • Be prepared to provide this brochure again anytime a client may have questions, raise concerns or would like to make a complaint.
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