Kindred Kollective

Kindred Kollective: Empowering Regional Youth through Creativity

Introducing Kindred Kollective, a creative wellbeing and future pathways program designed for people aged 12 – 24 in the Eurobodalla & Bega Valley regions. Led by The Family Place and supported by the Campbell Page Youth team. Kindred Kollective collaborates with local artists and organisations to deliver enriching experiences for all participants.

Empowering youth is at the heart of Kindred Kollective, offering avenues for community connection, personal growth and work readiness and learning:

  • Theatre & Performance: Explore the world of theatre and unleash your creativity.
  • Work Experience: Gain practical insights into the community development, event planning, or creative industries
  • Mentoring: Benefit from the guidance and wisdom of experienced professional creatives
  • Film Making: Dive into the realm of filmmaking, learning the art of visual storytelling from experts.
  • Paid Internships: Earn while gaining hands-on experience
Kindred Kollective: Empowering Regional Youth through Creativity

Funded by the NSW Government under the Our Region, Our Voice – Regional Youth Investment Project, Kindred Kollective aims to enhance the lives and wellbeing of regional youth, empowering them to thrive within their local communities.

How Kindred Kollective came about: 

The Family Place ran the Regrowth youth theatre project in partnership with a Sydney theatre company called BBT and Campbell Page Youth Team. This program was funded through Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund – it ran across Eurobodalla and Bega Valley over 2 years where week-long intensive workshops were delivered to support young people aged 12-17 to share their stories and collaborate on a project that resulted in a community performance. Kindred Kollective was born off the success and informative findings of Regrowth. The findings from Regrowth’s evaluation, were that the participants:

  • gained a greater sense of community and social connection
  • felt that their voices were being heard throughout the workshop process and in the performance.

Kindred Kollective offers a range of workshops, including traditional performing arts elements like theatre, music, and dance, led by both local and visiting facilitators. There may also be opportunities in journalism, storytelling, job interview skills workshops, and more, catering to the evolving needs and interests of our participants.

Kindred Kollective might be for those:

  • wanting to meet likeminded spirits and flex their creative muscles
  • looking to learn some new skills and boost confidence.
  • wanting more information on kickstarting a career in performing arts
  • that want to work in an industry that helps people and are keen to learn more
  • that want to try something different and have fun while doing it in a safe and supportive environment!

Workshops are free of charge, and all locations are wheelchair accessible. We welcome support workers and ensure trauma-informed activities that are inclusive and adaptable to individual abilities and comfort levels.

Join us in embracing creativity, personal growth, and community connections with Kindred Kollective.

If you’re a creative or artistic facilitator we invite you to collaborate with us. Click here to submit your Expression of Interest.

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